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Ukrainian Kaleidoscope

“Breadbasket of the Commonwealth of Independent States” – Opening the program with the traditional welcoming ceremony of bread and salt, Sergei Shapoval will take you and your students on a cultural adventure to Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the leading farming, industrial and mining regions in Europe. This newly independent country has its own language, customs and one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

In your assembly and enrichment presentations, you will gain a new picture of the “Breadbasket of the Commonwealth of Independent States” through its music, dance and rich traditions. Your students will hear folk music played on both the domra and bandura. After donning a straw bril or a flower vanook, some will even participate in the Hopak dance. Others will play traditional folk instruments and form a “troisty musyky.” Shoes, currency, school books and Pysanky eggs are only a few of the objects that will offer you a look at both traditional and modern daily life in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Kaleidoscope is available all year around.



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"Colorful, Educational, Enlightening. I can honestly say we had a day (with Ukrainian Kaleidoscope) many of our students will remember for a lifetime. Descriptions were spellbinding. Music was delightful and the enthusiasm was contagious. Very education oriented and I recommend the Cultural Kaleidoscope wholeheartedly."  - K Lubben, Art Teacher and NHS Sponsor