Teaching Guides

The Teaching Guides shown below are presented to give you an idea of the significant value-added tools made available to you by The Cultural Kaleidoscope.  Our intent is to make your entire experience with one of our programs complete so — as an educator — you are not required to spend extra time creating supplemental materials.  Please take a moment to look through these samples.  Let us know what you think!


russian teaching guide    ukrainian teaching guide

News & Reviews

"We have hosted the Cultural Kaleidoscope 3 times in our school. The hands-on workshops and true-to-life authentic experiences are memories our students will NEVER forget! As a Art & Talented & Gifted teacher I am even more impressed by the Teaching Guides and well thought out lesson and activity plans. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Cultural Kaleidoscope for your next assembly & workshop."  - Gina Miller, Longfellow Elementary